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Career Opportunities for Sickle Cell Practitioners

Sorsamed focuses on novel recombinants that fuse nutrient-enriched microalgae with non-psychotropic cannabinoids to produce therapeutic pain management solutions. 


We are working toward alternatives beyond opioids for children and adults, and believe that pain management properties in cannabinoids and the high concentrations of vitamins, antioxidants and proteins in microalgae can provide a valid, less addictive alternative. 



The company is in the R&D phase, exploring the creation of a new cannabinoid pathway, as well as a partnership to begin producing products that effectively accomplish these aims. 


Our Need

Over the years, we have cultivated a group of advisors with expertise in biotechnology, pharmacology, metabolic engineering, and enzymology. We need to build a cadre of advisors and partners who work directly with sickle cell therapeutic solutions and sickle cell anemia patients to know, first-hand, what the challenges and needs are. 


We want to know what kind of products are most needed and where the gaps are in science that, perhaps, we can join this ecosystem in resolving. 

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