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There is no cure.


SD Statistics

57% of sickle cell anemia cases are found in just three countries: India (27M), Nigeria (3.8M), and the Democratic Republic of Congo (105,200). In the United States, 1 in every 365 African American births is impacted by SCD. 

Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) is a hereditary form of anemia in which a mutated form of hemoglobin distorts the red blood cells into a crescent shape at low oxygen levels. It impacts millions of people around the globe and is the most common hemoglobin disorder in the world. 


Current treatment options

Operating at the intersection of viable and holistic chronic pain management solutions and prioritizing the needs of Black and brown communities, SorsaMED engaged a team of scientists to explore new innovation and product development possibilities.  Our first three years focused on biologics research. We are now exploring delivery mechanisms and formulation development. 

We believe that better solutions can be created.


New innovations

Treatment options are largely centered on pain management, but they consist of addictive opioids that have long-term harmful effects on patients. 

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