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SorsaMED is a biologics company with clean technology practices engineering a new proprietary line of therapeutic proteins infused with cannabinoids.


 Our aims are to provide molecular alternatives to opioid use, reducing cases of addiction, & expand chronic pain management options for Sickle Cell Disease sufferers.


Company Snapshot


Our cell line will become a staple in downstream manufactured cannabinoid-enriched products in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food industries.


Industry: Biotechnology; Biologics


Bio-engineered cells designed to offer better therapeutic solutions for chronic pain management with a special focus on sickle cell anemia. Our focus is on cell line development and clinical efficacy with the use of contract manufacturers. We are targeting the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food industries.

Status: R&D; Pre-Revenue



  • Serve the estimated 100 million Americans and household pets living with chronic pain;

  • Offer less addictive solutions for pain management than opioids

  • Expand pain management solutions for sickle cell disease


Partners in Development:  

  • University of California San Diego (cellular development)

  • Los Angeles Cleantech Initiative (a portfolio company; business development)

  • The We’s Match (a cohort company; network development)


We seek to serve the 100 million chronic pain sufferers in the United States Americans, household pets living with chronic pain, and global populations seeking high yield production solutions. Interested to know more?


SorsaMED Solutions

Problems Solutions
100 million Americans in the United States living with chronic painProduce a suite of proprietary, nutrient-enriched anti-inflammatory and pain management solutions that detoxify cells and improve immune system response
Need for opioid pain management alternatives Provide chronic pain management alternatives to opioids without long term use addiction and psychotropic effects
Reduced water consumption required for production, impacting direct operating costs and the environmentReduce water usage 97% as compared to conventional cultivation
Scalability and quality control Biosynthesis as a chosen production modality enhances production yields and efficacy, quality control, and the quality assurances
Sickle Cell Disease causes severe pain and care is inconsistent in the United States and wholly absent in large parts of the world Uplift attention to sickle cell disease patients in the testing and development of therapeutic proteins for pain management.

Get to know us. This is personal.

When many companies are focused on the supply and demand of cannabis products or adjacent servicing markets, SorsaMED is approaching this industry on a cellular level using clean technology and biotechnology methodologies.

Our inspiration for this venture is personal. Lynnette’s mother died of sickle cell-related complications when she was ten. Several members of her family live with the sickle cell disease. As a child, Lynnette would repeatedly rub her mother’s legs to try to alleviate the pain and remembers through her mother’s suffering the severity of the pain. This affliction is pervasive globally in communities of color.


Lynnette and Lisa were exploring opportunities within the cannabis industry. While traveling to a cannabis and technology conference in Tel Aviv, Lisa and Lynnette were immersed in conversations about the medicinal benefits of cannabinoids. There was a lot of references to common chronic pain conditions such as cancer, fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s, glaucoma, epilepsy, food and mood disorders, but no mention of sickle cell disease. In fact, sickle cell does not exist on the popular cannabinoid medicinal wheel, despite the alarming state of sickle cell disease.

Lynnette had the idea of us exploring the sciences of medicinal cannabinoids to discover solutions that could create a plant-based alternative to synthetic drugs for pain management. She mentioned this to the other co-founder, Lisa Yancey, who reached out to her brother, Dr. Dennis Yancey, who is a metabolic and chemical engineer. Once Dennis affirmed that there were scientific possibilities to pursue a new and likely more efficient pathway in a burgeoning marketplace, Lynnette and Lisa created a vision for developing a new suite of therapeutic proteins within the medicinal cannabis space using the microorganism of a superfood.

Neither Lisa nor Lynnette are microbiologists—but they imagined what was possible with this idea. They have a solid understanding of the medicinal possibilities of cannabis—an enhanced knowledge of biologics and cell line development to produce recombinant proteins. They have a business mind, are building a team of technical and business advisors, and have experience engaging with philanthropists. The garnered the support of an angel investor to initiate the foundation of their vision—establishing legal protections and contracting with the head of biotechnology at the University of California San Diego. They are in the final stages of the first phase indicating proof of concept.




Lisa and Lynnette operate from a solid financial, social, and environmental framework. This is not just a business for us. We are committed to being catalysts to better, less addictive solutions.

Lisa Yancey.png

Lisa Yancey, JD



Emory University, BA

Boston College , JD


Strategist, Organizational Development, Capital Generation, Grants, Business Development;

Entrepreneurial Experience:

Yancey Consulting (17 years)

Startup Experience:

Coastal Waters Biotechnology Group

Regarding Life (greeting card company)


Los Angeles CleantechIncubator Portfolio Company

The We’sMatch


Lynnette Kaid



Hawaii Pacific University


Business Development, Marketing and Design, Cannabis Industry Knowledge

Entrepreneurial Experience:

Singer/Songwriter (15 years)

Startup Experience:


Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator Portfolio Company

The We’sMatch


Career Opportunities

Join Our Team


We are building a team and need advisors. Reach out if you are looking for a new opportunity or want to connect us to others in your network.


Molecular Plant Biologist



  • Phd in biochemical engineering, bioengineering, biomolecular engineering, chemical engineering, fermentation science, or other related fields

  • 2+ years of Post-doctoral research, training, and experience desired

  • Extensive experience working with cannabinoid cells

  • Proficient with molecular biology techniques

  • Demonstration of procedural optimization - direct experience optimizing fermentation processes, ideally related to microalgae

  • Problem Solving - the ability to identify and solve scientific related problems

  • Communication Impact - strong written and verbal communication skills internally and externally for the needs of the target audience


Metabolic Engineer



  • Experience with terpene/isoprenoid biosynthesis;

  • Experience using metabolic models or bioinformatic data-sets to guide engineering strategies;

  • Experience engineering model or non-model fungi;

  • Experience working with E. coli, yeast and/or S. cerevisiae is strongly preferred; additional experience with other industrially-relevant microorganisms is a plus

  • Hands-on expertise with synthetic biology & strain engineering-related techniques

  • Experience developing genetic tools for high-throughput metabolic engineering;

  • Familiarity with DOE-funded projects;

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills;

  • Ability to work with multi-disciplinary teams.


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